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Claudia and Duffy
Claudia and Duff...
Wallace, Barbara Brooks
Cold Light: Creatures, Discoveries, and Inventions That Glow
Cold Light: Crea...
Sitarski, Anita
Sharks! Strange and Wonderful
Sharks! Strange ...
Pringle, Laurence
Tucket's Gold
Tucket's Gold
Paulsen, Gary
Out of the Shadows: An Artist's Journey
Out of the Shado...
Waldman, Neil
Negro League Scrapbook, A
Negro League Scr...
Weatherford, Carole
Hottest Motorcycles
Hottest Motorcyc...
Woods, Bob
Coyote: North America's Dog
Coyote: North Am...
Swinburne, Stephen R.
Birmingham 1963
Birmingham 1963
Weatherford, Carole
We Are One: The Story of Bayard Rustin
We Are One: The ...
Brimner, Larry Dane
Me, All Alone, at the End of the World
Me, All Alone, a...
Anderson, M.T.
Caring for Cheetahs
Caring for Cheet...
Hansen, Rosanna
Call Me Francis Tucket
Call Me Francis ...
Paulsen, Gary
My Freedom Trip: A Child's Escape from North Korea
My Freedom Trip:...
Park, Frances; Park, Ging
What Happened to the Mammoths?: And Other Explorations of Science in Action
What Happened to...
Myers, Jack
Words with Wings
Words with Wings
Grimes, Nikki
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, The
Triangle Shirtwa...
Houle, Michelle
Peter Pan
Peter Pan
Barrie, J.M.
Call of the Wild, The
Call of the Wild...
London, Jack
Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Green Ga...
Montgomery, L.M.
Wizard of Oz, The
Wizard of Oz, Th...
Baum, L. Frank
Robinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe
Defoe, Daniel
Jungle Books I, The
Jungle Books I, ...
Kipling, Rudyard
Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates: A Story of Life in Holland
Hans Brinker or ...
Dodge, Mary Mapes
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Alice's Adventur...
Carroll, Lewis
Jungle Books II, The
Jungle Books II,...
Kipling, Rudyard
Black Beauty
Black Beauty
Sewell, Anna
Collodi, Carlo
Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue
Princess Labelma...
Angleberger, Tom
Scorpia Rising
Scorpia Rising
Horowitz, Anthony
Timmy Failure: Now Look What You've Done!
Timmy Failure: N...
Pastis, Stephan
Barn, The
Barn, The
Tuesdays at the Castle
Tuesdays at the ...
George, Jessica Day
We Were Liars
We Were Liars
Lockhart, E.
Half a Chance
Half a Chance
Lord, Cynthia
Wild Horses: Black Hills Sanctuary
Wild Horses: Bla...
Peterson, Cris
Cleopatra Rules!: The Amazing Life of the Original Teen Queen
Cleopatra Rules!...
Shecter, Vicky Alvear
Five Children and It
Five Children an...
Nesbit, Edith
Ozma of Oz
Ozma of Oz
Baum, L. Frank
Through the Looking Glass
Through the Look...
Carroll, Lewis
Rainbow Valley
Rainbow Valley
Montgomery, L.M.
Rilla of Ingleside
Rilla of Inglesi...
Montgomery, L.M.
Gaskell, Elizabeth Clegho
Wind in the Willows, The
Wind in the Will...
Grahame, Kenneth
Raggin', Jazzin', Rockin': A History of American Musical Instrument Makers
Raggin', Jazzin'...
VanHecke, Susan
Marvels in the Muck
Marvels in the M...
Wechsler, Doug
Mysteries of the Komodo Dragon: The Biggest, Deadliest Lizard Gives Up Its Secrets
Mysteries of the...
Crump, Marty
Lucky 13: Survival in Space
Lucky 13: Surviv...
Hilliard, Richard
Korman, Gordon
Shiva's Fire
Shiva's Fire
Staples, Suzanne Fisher
Absolute Value of Mike, The
Absolute Value o...
Erskine, Kathryn
Mysteries of Beethoven's Hair, The
Mysteries of Bee...
Martin, Russell; Nibley,
Planet Middle School
Planet Middle Sc...
Grimes, Nikki
Caesar Rodney's Ride: Eighty Miles for Freedom
Caesar Rodney's ...
Cheripko, Jan
Flu of 1918: Millions Dead Worldwide, The
Flu of 1918: Mil...
Rudolph, Jessica
First Dive to Shark Dive
First Dive to Sh...
Lourie, Peter
Farmer George Plants a Nation
Farmer George Pl...
Thomas, Peggy
Lubar, David
Black Bear: North America's Bear
Black Bear: Nort...
Swinburne, Stephen R.
Mysterious Universe: Supernovae, Dark Energy, and Black Holes
Mysterious Unive...
Jackson, Ellen
Mouse and Mole: A Perfect Halloween
Mouse and Mole: ...
Yee, Wong Herbert
Case of the Gypsy Good-bye, The
Case of the Gyps...
Springer, Nancy
Noah Webster: Weaver of Words
Noah Webster: We...
Shea, Pegi Deitz
Saving Manatees
Saving Manatees
Swinburne, Stephen R.
Stargazer's Alphabet: Night-Sky Wonders from A to Z
Stargazer's Alph...
Farrell, John
Darth Paper Strikes Back
Darth Paper Stri...
Angleberger, Tom
Ivy and Bean: No News Is Good News
Ivy and Bean: No...
Barrows, Annie
Kakapo Rescue: Saving the World's Strangest Parrot
Kakapo Rescue: S...
Montgomery, Sy
Ham the Astrochimp
Ham the Astrochi...
Hilliard, Richard
American Slave, American Hero: York of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
American Slave, ...
Pringle, Laurence
Inside Out & Back Again
Inside Out & Bac...
Lai, Thanhha
Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever
Kinney, Jeff
Toy Dance Party: Being the Further Adventures of a Bossyboots Stingray, a Courageous Buffalo, and a Hopeful Round Someone Called Plastic
Toy Dance Party:...
Jenkins, Emily
Toys Come Home: Being the Early Experiences of an Intelligent Stingray, a Brave Buffalo, and a Brand-New Someone Called Plastic
Toys Come Home: ...
Jenkins, Emily
Miss Switch to the Rescue
Miss Switch to t...
Wallace, Barbara Brooks
Olson, Gretchen
Trouble with Miss Switch, The
Trouble with Mis...
Wallace, Barbara Brooks
Jesse Owens: Fastest Man Alive
Jesse Owens: Fas...
Weatherford, Carole
Generation Fix: Young Ideas for a Better World
Generation Fix: ...
Rusch, Elizabeth
Miss Switch Online
Miss Switch Onli...
Wallace, Barbara Brooks
Perils of Peppermints, The
Perils of Pepper...
Wallace, Barbara Brooks
From Boneshakers to Choppers: The Rip-Roaring History of Motorcycles
From Boneshakers...
Smedman, Lisa
Beetle McGrady Eats Bugs!
Beetle McGrady E...
McDonald, Megan
My Friend, the Starfinder
My Friend, the S...
Lyon, George Ella
Butt Book, The
Butt Book, The
Bennett, Artie
Wallace, Barbara Brooks
Treasury of Greek Mythology: Classic Stories of God, Goddesses, Heroes & Monsters
Treasury of Gree...
Napoli, Donna Jo
Gordon, Roderick; William

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